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Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School

We invite all of you to DTS to seek God's heart for all nations.

What is a Discipleship Training School (DTS)?
DTS lecture topic

The Discipleship Training School is an introductory course at the University of the Nations, reflecting YWAM's vision of'Knowing God and making God known'.


This is an intensive training course for Christians through 12 weeks of lectures and 8 weeks of outreach.


Through this course, students learn to meet Jesus Christ personally, listen to God's voice, and learn to live joyfully obeying His call.

Listening to God's Voice / Meditation

Father's love

lordship / Openness and Brokenness

God's character and nature

Biblical worldview / way of thinking

Intercession / Spiritual Warfare

Living in the Holy Spirit


Worship / Finance

Plumb line

Lost Souls / Mission




Through my DTS, my relationship was restored and I entered into joy of relationship. 

As I encountered and experienced God’s love, my relationship with him was renewed. When I realised who truly I am in the Lord, my relationship with myself was restored. Then I enjoyed the richness in the relationship with others as well. Especially, I tasted God’s love through serving, prayer and care from the staff team. It’s also a fun and delightful memory for me to do ministry together with foreign staff in the outreach. The unity through sharing joy and pain together is the highlight of my DTS.

Before DTS I knew of God, but I never really knew God. 

I wanted to follow God, but because I was trapped in fear, depression, self-hatred, and sin, and didn’t know where to start. 

Through DTS I was able to meet God and be set free through the joy and light of His love and salvation! 

I learned to see myself through Gods eyes, and accept my identity as a daughter of the king most high! 

I thank God everyday for changing my life through DTS!

빨강 머리

2023 DTS
School Information

Shadow on Concrete Wall

All Nations All Generations 2023

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.

Luke 19:10

All Nations All Generations DTS (ANAG DTS)


Discipleship Training School (DTS) aims to prepare you to be a disciple of Jesus. Our greatest purpose is to know God intimately and to make him known to other as we fall in love with him each and everyday. 
Come and experience firsthand, the goodness and the greatness of God, as the nations and the generations come together to declare His amazing grace in every sphere of society among the nations! 

We hope for our ANAG DTS 2023 is to be led by the Holy Spirit. As we experience the overwhelming love of God, we want to see people finding their true identity in him. His love for us will challenge and encourage us to love him more and as more of his love fill us, we will be inspired to carry his heart to the lost and the nations. 

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” 
Luke 19:10 [NIV] 

2023 ALL NATIONS ALL GENERATIONS DTS is a full time residential program consisting of a 12 weeks lectures phase and an 8 weeks outreach phase. 


We will comply with disease prevention regulations due to Covid -19 and please get the necessary vaccination if you plan to join us! 

1. Date

29th March - 26th August, 2023


2. School fee

Lecture Phase: 3.5 Million Korean Won

Outreach Phase: 4.0 Million Korean Won (subject to change)


3. Language



4. SNS

Instagram -

Facebook -


5. Application


6. Contact Number

+82 10. 7465. 4620

Confirming your identity as a child of God,

In the deep intimacy within his presence,

Life as a witness who reveals his will to all nations!


We invite you to the ANAG DTS in 2023.

Contact: Stephen So


   경남은행 207-0080-6118-07   (사)아이더블유코리아

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